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Inheritance (Inheritance, #4)

Inheritance (Inheritance, #4) - Christopher Paolini,  Poppy D. Chusfani So, um, this book is not what I expected. I was expecting something more thrilling that would keep me up all night (well, actually, I did because I have to finish it as soon as possible to catch up my reading before school begins, and as a result, I catch a cold).

It's quite an enjoyable reading though. And the ending just makes sense. Defeating the evil villain/king is not the end of the story. What's next after that? How to keep the peace? Paolini described it very well, although I was like, "Hurry up... I'm sleepy..."

Perhaps I'm just too old for this kind of stuff :/

Now, I would like to know more about Angela. What made her so special? What's her history? What made her so respected and feared? Or perhaps Paolini saved it for his next book?

After all, there are some things that Paolini left out unexplained. The Ra'zacs (Galbatorix said they still existed). Murtagh and Thorn (though I'm very sure he'll come back and marry Nasuada--very transparent). The missing belt of Beloth the Wise. The location where Eragon and Saphira took the dragon eggs and Eldunari.

Yes, I know, it's in the east. But where exactly? As a geodetic student, I find uncharted territory attractive :D

Anyway, it's a good read during school break. Besides, it's so thick you may not need to buy another book until the school starts :P